Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunday Meeting (Nov. 1)

Thank you to those of you who came today :)

I don't have all the photos that we took today but here are some from our previous meeting:
Our chassis with half the bristles/zip ties added for our ball collection mechanism

The first ball shooter design - the lego motor wasn't strong enough to propel the ball but it was pretty awesome nonetheless

Here is a photo from today's meeting:

Second ball shooter design - the rubber tires attached to a DC motor added better grip but we decided the motor turned the wheels too slowly so we added gears to make the wheels turn faster. Then we realized the metal bar we had attached the motors to didn't have enough space for the ball to fit between the two tires after we added the gears so we changed the design. We also changed the wheel type.

I'll upload the photos of the new design tomorrow :D BE ON THE LOOK OUT! Also, we have a meeting tomorrow from 9AM - 3PM! BE THERE and you'll get free pizza woohoo FTW!